She-Stranger in Paradise: Transnational Gendered Imaginaries in Kurdwin Ayub's Paradise! Paradise! (Paradies! Paradies!, 2016)

Samuel Fernández-Pichel


The present paper examines the construction of overlapping (trans)national and gendered (female) imaginaries in Kurdwin Ayub’s Paradise! Paradise! (Paradies! Paradies!, 2016). Drawing, among other sources, on Lipovetsky & Serroy’s (2007) theories about the multiplexity-image, this essay argues that Ayub’s re-negotiation, and self-representation, of her own hybrid identity in (and through) the film results in the coalescence between, on the one hand, global media culture and traditional (Kurdish) folklore and, on the other hand, between pseudo-ethnographic filmmaking and the aesthetic deregulation associated to new media practices.


digital culture; documentary film; identity; multiplexity; transnational cinema.

DOI: 10.6092/issn.2280-9481/9751


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