Ludo Essay and Ludophilia: The Beginner's Guide as a Ludographic Essay

Riccardo Fassone


The article proposes a systematization of the contemporary production of ludoessays, that is the non-fiction audiovisual reflexive works focusing on videogames or, in some cases, made through the videogame itself. Namely, the article individuates a continuity between the paratextual production practices on videogames and the contemporary developments of the audiovisual essay. Finally, the article proposes a case study on The Beginner's Guide, a videogame that seems to summarize and, at the same time, undermine some of the premises and implications of the ludographic practice.


ludographic; videography; autobiography; videogames; audiovisual essay

DOI: 10.6092/issn.2280-9481/7912


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