FiRe2: a Call for a Film Repository of Technical Data and Memories for Photo and Movie Restoration


  • Alice Plutino University of Milan
  • Arianna Crespi University of Milan
  • Giulia Morabito University of Milan
  • Beatrice Sarti University of Milan
  • Alessandro Rizzi University of Milan



Film Restoration, Film Database, Film Colors, Sensitometry, Audiovisual Memory


Throughout history, thousands of different kinds of film formats, emulsions and colour systems have been used, to reproduce natural colours and as mean of expression for specific characters and scenes. In recent years, the advent of digital mediums has improved post-production technology and the film restoration process. Moreover, the support migration exposed different issues, such as colour reproducibility in digital systems that present the same problems as those posed by analogue. Furthermore, the lack of physical information on film dyes, emulsions and sensitivity renders the reconstruction of different film process colours impossible, and so too their comparison with the analogue or digital copies.                In this contribution we aim to increase film experts’ and restorers’ awareness of colour reproduction problems that always affect the practice of digitization and digital restoration, and we propose the contribution of Fire2, an open access database of cinematographic and photographic technical data and materials, to support the work of conservators, restorers, and researchers.




How to Cite

Plutino, A., Crespi, A., Morabito, G. ., Sarti, B., & Rizzi, A. (2021). FiRe2: a Call for a Film Repository of Technical Data and Memories for Photo and Movie Restoration. Cinergie – Il Cinema E Le Altre Arti, (20), 69–83.