L’internet-meme nella galassia della postproduzione contemporanea

Sara Tongiani


The internet-memes represent nowadays a new global phenomenon, which increase the ability to produce, copy, and share digital contents, featuring images and textes. Starting from stereotyped models, users create their own internet-memes, in which international, cultural, and sport events, with global or local references, are remixed. This paper focuses on the possibility of these postmodern artifacts to transmit a message to a large web community audience. The message is often a joke, which reveals the functioning of contemporary communication practices. Finally, the analysis of the internet-meme’s production of the Championship Euro 2016 explores the users’ intention to blacken their heros, the soccerplayers. In this case, the joke becames a denigration, a rhetorical and iconic violence, similar to the René Girard’s theories on the scapegoat mechanism.


memes; web; digital; soccerplayers

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DOI: 10.6092/issn.2280-9481/7385


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