Ripetizione e ri-produzione nelle GIF animate

Tommaso Isabella


The spread of animated GIFs over the last decade has made them not only one of the most popular digital formats for moving images on the web, but also a significant locus for the remediation of cinematic contents. The paper focuses on GIFs grabbed from films, considering the dialectics between linearity and circularity involved in their creation as well as the pragmatic reformulations entailed by the act of sharing. The peculiarities of the production and distribution of GIFs offer and understanding of their liminal status between appropriation and re-creation, which is exemplified by the analysis of the collecting strategies adopted by two pioneering Tumblr blogs dedicated to cinematic GIFs, Three Frames and If We Don’t Remember Me.


GIF; moving images; web; technology; digital

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DOI: 10.6092/issn.2280-9481/7384


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