La nuova Digital Guerrilla Television: per una post-produzione militante e d’autore

Elena Marcheschi


During the 1960’s, the invention of portable video technology was accepted as the most suitable medium to support the development of a cultural and political counter-information that was embodied by the various movements and protagonists of the so-called Guerrilla Television. With different approaches, today we are still facing a similar trend based on the appropriation and elaboration of contents proposed by the various mass media, in order to highlight the effect of media saturation and manipulation we are subjected to. The mixing and revision attitudes of digital technologies are currently helping the artists in productions often based on the dismantlement and re-editing of mass media contents. The aim is that of setting up observation points to create works swinging between questioning and denunciation. The analysis of works by authors such as Jean-Gabriel Périot, Canecavolto, Johan Söderberg and John Callaghan, with different languages and perspectives, let us think of a new Digital Guerrilla Television.


Digital Guerrilla Television; tv; digital technologies; digital

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DOI: 10.6092/issn.2280-9481/7383


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