Crowdfunding, produzione e marketing: il caso Subbuteopia


  • Valentina Re Link Campus University



crowdfunding, marketing, Subbuteopia


The article aims at investigating some of the main dynamics of the crowdfunding campaign for Subbuteopia, a documentary focused on the “Subbuteo world”, directed in 2012 by Pierr Nosari and produced by Giusi Santoro for POPCult, in collaboration with L@ Società Sintetica. The article is structured into four parts. In the first part, I will discuss how the “Subbuteopia project” is not limited to the documentary and I will propose to consider it as a goal-oriented, transmedia storytelling precisely on the basis of the crowdfunding campaign. In the second part, I will analyze the main features of Verkami, the Catalan platform used for the campaign. In the third part, I will analyze the campaign developed by the production, with particular attention to the importance of the preparatory work and to the synergy between offline and online activities. Finally, I will propose some concluding remarks about the role played by crowdfunding with respect to independent productions and marketing strategies.



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Re, V. (2013). Crowdfunding, produzione e marketing: il caso Subbuteopia. Cinergie – Il Cinema E Le Altre Arti, 2(4), 54–66.