Participative Interactive Documentary as a fragmented and “deterritorialized” archive

Patrícia Nogueira


Once upon a time… there was a king in a faraway land who ordered the kingdom’s cartographers to draw a perfect map with every single topographic detail. Once upon a time… there was Web 2.0, which allowed human beings from all over the world to document and share every single moment of their lives. Once upon a time… there was Participative Interactive Documentary9, a work of art that presents a subjective perspective of reality and introduces an evolving open database in which the users can add their contents and include their points of view to the documentary. We may argue that all interactive documentaries comprehend a participatory approach, in the sense that once the documentary includes interaction and requires a physical action or performance from the audience the users are already participating.


geography; documentary; participative interactive documentary

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DOI: 10.6092/issn.2280-9481/6846


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