Converging Trends: The Industrial and Content Dynamics of Contemporary Television


  • Veronica Innocenti University of Bologna
  • Guglielmo Pescatore University of Bologna



Free Ad-supported Streaming TV (FAST), Neo-generalism, Library Content, Streaming War, Consumption


This article is focused on the complexities of contemporary media scenario, considering the interplay between industrial frameworks, market dynamics, and resultant content exploitation. The paper seeks to chart the current landscape of serial production and posit potential trajectories for its future development. At its core, the research addresses two principal dimensions: the contemporary industrial structure and the relevance of library content.

Within the industrial context, the article scrutinizes the role of streaming platforms and the rise of Free Ad-supported Streaming TV (FAST) services. The concept of “neo-generalism” is also introduced as a new framework, characterized by diversified offerings within a single platform that cater to an array of consumer preferences and needs. 

With regards to the importance of library content, the article underscores how archival materials serve not only as a supplementary feature but also as a strategic asset in competitive positioning. Furthermore, the dynamics between broadcasters and platforms are investigated, highlighting the hybrid strategies that are emerging from this relationship. Lastly, new paradigms of serial content consumption are explored, specifically focusing on the recent behavioral shifts spurred by the on-demand culture.




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Innocenti, V., & Pescatore, G. (2023). Converging Trends: The Industrial and Content Dynamics of Contemporary Television. Cinergie – Il Cinema E Le Altre Arti, 12(24), 117–133.