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No 16 (2019) From Quotation to Appropriation. Conceptual Practices in the 1960s and 1970s in Italy Abstract   HTML (Italiano)   PDF (Italiano)
Cristina Casero
No 16 (2019) The Regional Success of Italian TV Series: Generalist TV Titles in the Years 2016-2018 Abstract   HTML (Italiano)   PDF (Italiano)
Giorgio Avezzù
No 16 (2019) Des portes sans clés. Des clés sans portes. Abbas Kiarostami et la promesse du passage Abstract   HTML (Français)   PDF (Français)
Marco Dalla Gassa, Stefano Pellò
No 16 (2019) Epitome, Legitimation, and Reproduction: Nostalgia and Grand History in Two Chinese Melodramatic Films Abstract   HTML (English)   PDF (English)
September Liu
No 16 (2019) Welles Exploring New Hollywood Production Opportunities: Sex and Nudity in The Other Side of the Wind Abstract   HTML (English)   PDF (English)
Massimiliano Studer
No 15 (2019) Farocki's Serious Games: Play, Learning, Therapy Abstract   HTML (Italiano)   PDF (Italiano)
Virgil Darelli
No 15 (2019) Screens, pictures, windows. On the poetics of Marcantonio Lunardi Abstract   HTML (Italiano)   PDF (Italiano)
Pasquale Fameli
No 15 (2019) The Tangible Image: Aleksandr Sokurov's Faust Abstract   HTML (Italiano)   PDF (Italiano)
Stefano Oddi
No 15 (2019) “An evil has been committed.” Complexity and the educational contribution of the American Vandal television series, between mockumentary, satire and meta-language Abstract   HTML (Italiano)   PDF (Italiano)
Valentina Domenici
No 15 (2019) History, Analysis and Anthropology of Medical Dramas: A Literature Review Abstract   HTML (English)   PDF (English)
Marta Rocchi
No 15 (2019) Muti mutanti. Frankenstein scopre il cinema Abstract   HTML (Italiano)   PDF (Italiano)
Alessandro Faccioli
No 15 (2019) Cine-Traffic in the Air: the Geographies of Inflight Movies from a Selection of European Airlines Abstract   HTML (English)   PDF (English)
Emiliano Rossi
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