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No 16 (2019) “Identity is an endless, ever-unfinished conversation”: Stuart Hall's Legacy and the Polyphonic Memories of the Black Diaspora in John Akomfrah's Works Abstract   HTML (Italiano)   PDF (Italiano)
Paola Valenti
No 16 (2019) Experiencing the Presence: Degrees of Closeness in the Digital Biographies of Migration Abstract   HTML (English)   PDF (English)
Nicola Dusi, Damiano Razzoli
No 16 (2019) She-Stranger in Paradise: Transnational Gendered Imaginaries in Kurdwin Ayub's Paradise! Paradise! (Paradies! Paradies!, 2016) Abstract   HTML (English)   PDF (English)
Samuel Fernández-Pichel
No 16 (2019) Manthia Diawara’s Strategic Ruminations on Migration and the Conundrums of Cinematic Autoethnography Abstract   HTML (English)   PDF (English)
Julia Watson
No 16 (2019) Ni de aquí ni de allá: the Dreamers’ Audiovisual Self-Narration and Representation Abstract   HTML (English)   PDF (English)
Anna Marta Marini
No 16 (2019) Self-Representation as a Marginal Subject: Identity, Displacement and Identification between Cinema and Visual Arts Abstract   HTML (English)   PDF (English)
Laura Busetta
No 16 (2019) Travelling Identities: Paulo Nazareth's Works on the Migratory Routes Abstract   HTML (English)   PDF (English)
Federica Stevanin
No 16 (2019) Against a Migrant Cinema. Critical Reflections on the Postcolonial Perspective Abstract   HTML (English)   PDF (English)
Raffaele Pavoni
No 16 (2019) Io Rom romantica: The Discovery of the True Self in Laura Halilovic’s Accented Cinema Abstract   HTML (Italiano)   PDF (Italiano)
Valentina Ippolito
No 16 (2019) A Counter Migrant Image: Between Self-Representation and Witnessing in Les Sauteurs (2016) Abstract   HTML (Italiano)   PDF (Italiano)
Samuel Antichi
No 15 (2019) Piccola posta and Sexy Letters. The evolution of epistolary column in Italian cineromanzi Abstract   HTML (Italiano)   PDF (Italiano)
Gabriele Landrini
No 15 (2019) The Disintegration of the City. Correspondences between a letter from the Archigram Group and the audiovisual project of Ugo La Pietra Abstract   HTML (Italiano)   PDF (Italiano)
Jennifer Malvezzi
No 15 (2019) Baring the Soul. Cinema and Society in Playmen Magazine (1967–1972) Readers’ Letters Abstract   HTML (English)   PDF (English)
Gabriele Rigola
No 15 (2019) What is "the critic's trade"? A glimpse into Guido Aristarco's correspondence Abstract   HTML (Italiano)   PDF (Italiano)
Paolo Noto
No 15 (2019) Someone Writes About Cinema. The Reader's Columns on the Communist Magazines Vie Nuove, Il Calendario del Popolo and Rinascita from 1945 to 1960 Abstract   HTML (Italiano)   PDF (Italiano)
Marco Zilioli
No 15 (2019) Epistolary culture. Correspondence as a form and practice of film criticism Details   HTML (Italiano)   PDF (Italiano)
Michele Guerra, Sara Martin
No 14 (2018) Krzysztof Wodiczko’s "Xenological Instruments", an Equipment for a City of Strangers: Urban Spaces and De-Alienation of the Immigrant Abstract   HTML (English)   PDF (English)
Guglielmo Scafirimuto
No 14 (2018) Immersive Videomapping for History: the Case Study of Perugia Folgora Abstract   HTML (Italiano)   PDF (Italiano)
Chiara Di Stefano
No 14 (2018) The Moving Images in the Fashion Exhibitions: The Fendi Studios Case Abstract   HTML (Italiano)   PDF (Italiano)
Gabriele Landrini
No 14 (2018) The Performed Museum and the Exposed Archive. Interactivity and Augmented Reality at Fondazione Cineteca Italiana Abstract   HTML (Italiano)   PDF (Italiano)
Giorgia Maestri, Marco Lovisato
No 14 (2018) Video Mapping in Audiovisual Performances: Projecting the Club Scene Onto the Urban Space Abstract   HTML (English)   PDF (English)
Maxime Watier
No 14 (2018) Visualising the Imageless Past: Film and Audio-Visual Media in Archaeological Museums Abstract   HTML (English)   PDF (English)
Andrea Haller
No 14 (2018) Videomapping in Augmented Reality. Surfacing media and urban storytelling in Cthulhu of the KOMPLEX-Live Cinema Group Abstract   HTML (Italiano)   PDF (Italiano)
Mirko Lino
No 14 (2018) Uncertain Space. Curating Experimental and Artists' Cinema Archives Abstract   HTML (Italiano)   PDF (Italiano)
Paolo Simoni
No 14 (2018) Writing Space with Moving Images: Exhibitions, Museums and Urban Itineraries Details   HTML (Italiano)   PDF (Italiano)
Francesco Federici, Elisa Mandelli
No 13 (2018) “Commutation Tricks” and “Forced Marriages.” Videographic Manipulation as a Tool for the Analysis of Music in Films Abstract   HTML (English)   PDF (English)
Emilio Audissino
No 13 (2018) Home Video Philology: Methodological Reflections Abstract   HTML (English)   PDF (English)
Valerio Sbravatti
No 13 (2018) Fantozzi. L'eterno ritorno Abstract   HTML (Italiano)   PDF (Italiano)
Gabriele Gimmelli, Andrea Miele
No 13 (2018) The Integrated Screen. From Projection Surfaces to Algorithms: Projection Mapping As a Perspective of Analysis Abstract   HTML (Italiano)   PDF (Italiano)
Raffaele Pavoni
No 13 (2018) Within the Ruins of New York City: No Wave as a Paradigm of American Independent Cinema Abstract   HTML (English)   PDF (English)
Maria Teresa Soldani
No 13 (2018) Ludo Essay and Ludophilia: The Beginner's Guide as a Ludographic Essay Abstract   HTML (Italiano)   PDF (Italiano)
Riccardo Fassone
No 13 (2018) Screen Memories: A Video Essay on Smultronstället / Wild Strawberries Abstract   HTML (English)   PDF (English)
Catherine Grant
No 13 (2018) Editing is anything: practices of video essay, between analysis and aesthetics Abstract   HTML (Italiano)   PDF (Italiano)
Nicola Dusi, Lucio Spaziante
No 13 (2018) Graphic Spaces. Film Transitions in Steven Spielberg’s Filmmaking Abstract   HTML (Italiano)   PDF (Italiano)
Andrea Minuz
No 13 (2018) And Now For Something (Not) Completely Different: approcci videografici allo studio e all’analisi del film Details   HTML (Italiano)   PDF (Italiano)
Chiara Grizzaffi
No 10 (2016) Geografie del quotidiano: il video amatoriale e la rappresentazione dello spazio Abstract   PDF (Italiano)
Diego Cavallotti
No 10 (2016) Play the City. Geografia della “città amatoriale”: teorie, applicazioni, prospettive Abstract   PDF (Italiano)
Paolo Simoni, Ilaria Ferretti, Nicola M. Dusi
No 10 (2016) Come in cielo, così in terra: dispositivi, mappe, produzione artistica Abstract   PDF (Italiano)
Anna Costantini, Luca Malavasi
No 10 (2016) Filmare la terra, filmare il cielo, filmare la storia naturale Abstract   PDF (Italiano)
Carmelo Marabello
No 10 (2016) Uno strano geografo: Wes Anderson Abstract   PDF (Italiano)
Marcello Tanca
No 10 (2016) Lo spazio del reale: l’abitare, il movimento, l’inappropriabile Abstract   PDF (Italiano)
Daniele Dottorini
No 10 (2016) Blowin’ down this road: note per una cartografia (anche audiovisiva) dell’America nella Grande Depressione Abstract   PDF (Italiano)
Michele Fadda
No 10 (2016) Hermann Häfker: il cinematografo come sguardo utopico sul mondo Abstract   PDF (Italiano)
Massimo Locatelli
No 10 (2016) Vedere lontano: cinema ed educazione alla geografia nell’Italia degli anni Dieci Abstract   PDF (Italiano)
Silvio Alovisio, Luca Mazzei
No 10 (2016) Introduzione. Certo non un’esaustiva geografia del cinema Details   PDF (Italiano)
Giorgio Avezzù, Giuseppe Fidotta
No 12 (2017) Stanley Kubrick: A Retrospective. Introduction Details   HTML (English)   PDF (English)
James Fenwick, I.Q. Hunter, Elisa Pezzotta
No 12 (2017) Stanley Kubrick and the Art of Embodied Meaning-Making in Film Abstract   HTML (English)   PDF (English)
Maarten Coëgnarts
No 12 (2017) Acting out of the World: The Distancing and Underplaying of the Main Actors in 2001: A Space Odyssey and Eyes Wide Shut Abstract   HTML (English)   PDF (English)
Vincent Jaunas
No 12 (2017) Distance Listening: Musical Anachronism in Stanley Kubrick’s Barry Lyndon Abstract   HTML (English)   PDF (English)
Dominic Lash
No 12 (2017) Waiting for a miracle: a survey of Stanley Kubrick’s unrealized projects Abstract   HTML (English)   PDF (English)
Filippo Ulivieri
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