L’immagine divisa. Eautonomie e dualità dell’immagine in MDLSX di Motus

Fabio Cassano


Theatrical and cinematic media, as it has been demonstrated through a wide range of researches and experimentations, have managed to find a point of contact in the elaboration of different formal settings, and their rediscussion in the latest decades. Here is discussed an inquiry about overall intermediality, focusing on its achievements, aporias and ambiguities; the analysis is helped by an examination of case studies taken from the works of Italian theater group Motus, especially for what concerns the work MDLSX (2015), in order to spot the basic traits of a specific approach to the creation of an intermedial work.


motus; MDLSX; intermediality; audiovisual theatre

DOI: 10.6092/issn.2280-9481/8305


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