L’Ucraina pittoresca ed eroica. I film tratti dalle opere di Gogol' e le commedie laccate

Andrea Franco


The present article inquires the image of Ukraine risen from films (soviet, post-soviet and, in a minority of cases, western) based on the Gogol´s juvenile novels, and on the “embellished” films of the Chruščëv’s time, when a partial political relaxation enabled the production of new genre, less “engagé”, but deeply linked either to the new deal or the traditional Russian culture. As a result of this minor commitment, it is emerged an image of Ukraine that it is not simple a frame, but one the most relevant pretext of these films, often accorded to the official views the Soviet Union had built about the Ukraine, but sometimes more independent.


Ukraine; Gogol'; Soviet Union

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DOI: 10.6092/issn.2280-9481/7366


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